Saturday, June 20, 2009

Are boxers good puppies?

If you are looking for a loyal pet, then boxers are unquestionably the animal you should consider. They are a big dog but Boxer puppies are known to be gentle, kind and intelligent. A dog similar to that will be completely committed to your life style and household, which makes them a perfect guardian also. There are so many reasons why these dogs are a good choice for any household and buying one will make a positive effect on your whole family. Boxer puppies are amazing to be around

You can make a new companion and a playfellow added to your household by purchasing one of these dogs. A youthful puppy might be a little anxious at first and you will have to take the time to get him settled in to his new home.These dogs always try to please their owners, so it will be quite easy to train them. Also, Boxer puppies are so clever that you will be able to teach them many tricks as well.

They belong with the working type of dogs. With should heigh that can differ from 20-25 inches high, and can weigh anywhere from fifty to seventy-five pounds. Boxer puppies in several colors like brown red and white and sometimes Boxer puppies can have a dark or white mask on Boxers face. Their pelt is short and lies close to boxers skin which is the reason why more vulnerable to freezing climates than any dog that has longer fur. They can commonly live up to fifteen years, which is a reasonable life expectancy for any dog. Dogs with short fur will not require lots grooming which will give you more time to play with them.